The 1st Russian School on Quantum Technologies was held at the Green Flow Hotel at Rosa Khutor ski resort from March 18 to March 23, 2018. 64 people took part in the work of the School (15 lecturers and 49 students). Composition of participants: 10 doctors of sciences (Dr. Habil.), 16 PhD’s and 38 students. At the School 16 lectures and 25 poster presentations were presented and three round table discussions were held.

Distribution of participants by organization chart:


Kulik S.P.  Quantum information processing: current status and prospects

I. I. Ryabtsev Experimental quantum information science with single atom

S. A. MoiseevQuantum memory for quantum computing and communications

Yu. I. Bogdanov Quantum measurements and tomography

V.V. Ryazanov Quantum coherent devices based on Josephson junctions

V.V. Pogosov Algorithmic simulation of quantum systems on a quantum computer

A. A. Kalachev Optical quantum memory in impurity crystals

K. S. Kravtsov Quantum cryptography through atmospheric communication channels

A. A. Toropov Single-photon sources for quantum information

A.V. Ustinov Superconducting quantum circuits: physics and circuitry

V. L. Eliseev Practical aspects of using quantum key distribution to protect

A.V. Urivsky Pairing key establishment mechanisms, or why do we need quantum key distribution

S.V. Garbuk Coordination of quantum technologies research in the Russian Federation

T.V. Pavlova A quantum computer based on individual impurity atoms in the 28Si:31P. system. Status, problems and prospects

S. N. Molotkov Quantum cryptography

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School venue

School was held at the hotel «GreenFlow»

Hotel «GreenFlow», Esto-Sadok, Krasnodar Territory, Russia

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